Lawn Sprinkler Repair, American Property Maintenance is a sprinkler service company with over 20 years of experience repairing sprinkler systems, sprinkler valve repairs, broken sprinkler pipe repairs, irrigation repairs, sprinkler repairs, irrigation repairs, and much more.

Are you tired of dealing with a poorly functioning sprinkler system that leaves your lawn looking parched? Look no further than American Property Maintenance, your trusted source for top-quality lawn sprinkler repair services. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is highly skilled in repairing all types of sprinkler systems, from simple fixes like broken sprinkler heads to complex issues such as complete system replacements.

At American Property Maintenance, we understand that a malfunctioning sprinkler system can be a real hassle, and that’s why we offer free estimates on all of our services. Plus, all of our work is fully warranted for your peace of mind. We also accept a variety of payment options, including cash, check, credit cards, and PayPal, to make it easy for you to get the lawn sprinkler repair services you need.

Whether you’re dealing with a leaky valve, a broken sprinkler pipe, or other irrigation system issues, our team of professionals has the expertise to get your sprinkler system up and running again in no time. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and providing high-quality lawn sprinkler repair services that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Don’t let a faulty sprinkler system ruin the look of your lawn. Contact American Property Maintenance today for all of your sprinkler repair needs in Wesley Chapel, Trinity, Land O Lakes, Lutz, Hudson, Port Richey, New Port Richey, Holiday, San Antonio, Ridge Manor, Zephyrhills, and all of the Tampa Bay area.

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Sprinkler Repair Service

Maintaining a healthy and lush lawn requires proper irrigation, and having a functional sprinkler system is an essential component to achieving that. But as with any mechanical system, it can break down and require repairs. That’s where American Property Maintenance comes in, with over 20 years of experience repairing sprinkler systems in the Tampa Bay area.

At American Property Maintenance, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible service. That’s why we always offer free estimates and stand behind all of our work with a warranty. Our team of skilled service technicians has over 50 years of combined experience repairing sprinkler systems, so you can trust that your irrigation needs are in good hands.

Regular maintenance of your sprinkler system is crucial to ensure it stays in top working order. We recommend having us come out at least twice a year to perform routine checks and repairs. We can inspect for leaks underground, check sprinkler heads, repair faulty valves, and upgrade your lawn sprinkler timer. Some of the most common irrigation problems we encounter include malfunctioning sprinkler heads, broken pipes, and faulty valves.

Rotors, in particular, are a common issue due to their gear-driven nature that can wear down over time. We highly recommend regular check-ups to ensure your rotors are functioning correctly and effectively watering your lawn. Sprinkler valve repairs are another frequent service call we receive.

Sprinkler valves are made up of two main parts: the diaphragm and the solenoid. Over time, these parts can wear out, causing the valve to malfunction. Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose and repair any issues with your sprinkler valves to get your system up and running again.

At American Property Maintenance, we understand that repairing your sprinkler system can be stressful and inconvenient. That’s why we offer a variety of payment options, including cash, check, credit cards, and PayPal, to make the process as easy as possible for our customers.

If you’re experiencing any irrigation problems, don’t hesitate to call us at (352) 277-7834 for a free estimate. Let us help you get your sprinkler system back in top condition and keep your lawn looking its best.

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Sprinkler Service Company

Are you tired of having a brown, dry lawn? Do you wish your sprinkler system worked like it did when it was first installed? Look no further than American Property Maintenance! With over 20 years of experience in sprinkler repair, our expert technicians have seen it all and can handle any problem that may arise.

Sprinkler System Maintenance is essential for the health of your lawn, yet it is often overlooked by homeowners. By having American Property Maintenance come out twice a year to check your sprinkler system, we can catch leaks underground that may otherwise go unnoticed.

If you are experiencing any of the following irrigation problems, give us a call at (352) 277-7834 for a free estimate:

  • Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Sprinkler Valve Repairs
  • Lawn Sprinkler Timer Upgrades

One of our most common service calls is for Sprinkler Valve Repair. A sprinkler valve has two main parts: a diaphragm and a solenoid. Over time, the diaphragm will wear out, especially if your sprinklers are fed from a well. Well water not only leaves unsightly brown stains on your home and driveway, but it can also contain dirt and rocks that can damage your sprinkler system.

Our expert technicians are also skilled in locating valves and manifolds, which can be a time-consuming task for the average homeowner. Let us take the guesswork out of finding those hard-to-locate valves with our specialized tools and techniques.

In addition to repairs, American Property Maintenance is the leader in irrigation design. We can add additional zones to your system, ensuring that every inch of your lawn is getting the proper amount of water.

At, American Property Maintenance, we stand behind our work with a warranty on all repairs. We also offer a variety of payment options, including cash, check, credit cards, and PayPal.

Don’t let a broken sprinkler ruin the beauty of your lawn. Call American Property Maintenance today for all of your sprinkler repair needs.

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Sprinkler Repair

Pool Revamps (Re-connection after Pool installation), This type of irrigation repair call is very important.

Before the pool company rips out all the irrigation pipes call us.

We will locate your sprinkler pipes and cap them. We do this so that when your pool is finished we can just rerun your sprinkler pipes around your pool.

Patios Revamps (Reconnection after Patio install), This type of lawn sprinkler service call is just like the above explanation.

If you are getting a patio put in call us first so we can locate your irrigation pipes, this will save you money when your patio is finished.

Drip irrigation, There are several different reasons why we get calls about Drip Irrigation.

In some cases people want drip irrigation installed in their landscaping.

Another reason is Drip irrigation Repairs, an example is the lawn company cutting the drip irrigation pipe.

Wire Location, With this service call we have to decide if locating your sprinkler wire is worth the time or if just installing a new wire is the answer.

In most cases, we just install new irrigation wire.

Sprinkler Repair